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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by pcholistic, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    I have been trading my own account profitably for the past 3 years. But my own funds are pretty low (<$35K).

    Thinking of moving on to prop trading to enhance my returns.

    My requirements are:

    1) Able to trade equities and options
    2) No minimum trades
    3) No license required
    4) Remote trading is a must
    5) Prefer to trade OPM (firm's capital), although I can put up own capital if necessary
    6) Able to accept non-US citizen, outside North America

    Closest thing I found is VTradergroup. Appreciate any ideas and advice! :)
  2. I was in the same situation as you were in I might be able to give you a hand but definitely some advice drop me an email at
  3. Just sent an email, thanks!
  4. simostrader,

    It's none of my business, but may I ask why you were placed on probation in ET? From what I can understand your PM privileges have been removed.

    Michael B.

  5. Hi Michael, it's out of topic, but I'm curious how you know that?
  6. registered* designation is under his name. I did not know what it meant, until I asked in the Feedback Forum just a little while ago (You must subscribe to the Feedback Forum if you want to keep up with ET, it won't show up on the home page of most recent posts).

    I am speculating that he spammed the guests here earlier and is now trolling for clients another way.

    But now he has your email along with the hundreds of others that he may sell it too. Catagory: Trader. Good Luck.

    Michael B.

  7. I was wondering about the '*' as well. If I didn't hear of your explanations, I would thought it meant some 'moderator' privileges! Thanks for the heads up =)
  8. the reason that I have that is because About 5 months ago I started working for a firm in Toronto as a trader I had an awesome deal .35/ticket with a super high payout and I started my first and only thread ever on elitetrader saying "new prop office in toronto" it seemed like I was recruiting for the office but I had 0 vested interest in that business. So I got booted off sameday, I wrote to elitetrader explained the situation and they saw it my way and let me back on.

    The reason I say I can offer advice is that I have dealt with all these brokers and softwares on both sides retail and prop. I remember how hard it was to get started in this business and trust anyone and it is just as hard now as it was then if not harder.

    So if I can help point someone in the right direction I have no problem doing that because I wish someone would have helped me.