Prop Firms pay per trade results or set salary?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by increasenow, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. do prop firms pay the trader by a % of the day's trade wins or by set salary...if set salary or combo...what is an example...please do not say each firm has their own policy...just examples of compensation provided...thanks!!!
  2. All traders are paid with performance there is no "salary" when work at most prop firms.
  3. with schonfeld securities.. , for new guys starting , they pay a salary & % of profits for the first 18 mos, i know a trader that is with them, they are employees.. true proprietary traders with a real prop firm.
  4. well then forget it!!!!...get yer own cash, buy a laptop, become consumed with the YM or ES and start trading...forget the other option!!!!
  5. I can help you answer this question. Are you speaking of futures or equity prop?
  6. Do you have scalibility with your own money? If so than you are correct, if no than that is why you would go prop and levergae their money. Simple variable to look over.
  7. depends on the shop. I know some guys who get a basic salary and a cut of the profits. But most futures prop firms you only get a cut of the profits.

    Those who are paid a salary get a lower share of the profits from what I gather.

    Biggest advantage is the tiny commissions and the potentially huge size you will get to clip in the futures, with no money down. Some of the guys I know who are trading prop with the firms capital and no salary are clipping 300 contracts in the bund/bobl futures.

    Depends what you want as a trader - if you want to work from home on a pony laptop with small size, big commission, all the risk and keeping 100% of your profits (and losses), then you know what to do!