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  1. saico


    Does anyone know prop firms that offer Lightspeed? Any input is much appreciated!
  2. cstfx


    Avatar Trading I believe uses Lightspeed. Don't know tho if they are taking any new money but you can email and ask. Google them to get info.
  3. saico


    Unfortunately they don't respond to requests.
  4. Darshan


    Call lightspeed and ask them personally
  5. cstfx


    Kinda figured. Ever since the Tuco fiasco they have gone underground. All their ubiquitous advertising disappeared.

    Are you looking for licensed firms or LLCs?
  6. saico


    I did so already, Darshan. But they don't give away that kind of informations.

    Cstfx, looking for LLC's
  7. I believe T3 capital and SMB capital trade using lightspeed.

    I have no affiliation with them and trade retail through lightspeed.

  8. I had several question with avatar and they answered me right away.
    They also sent me a demo of the light speed and it is great trading on the light speed ( demo )
    I am not sure if they are taking any new Clients.
  9. What are the differences between LLCs and Licensed firms? Advantages and Disadvantages?

  10. Check out the Trader Monthly (September issue) magazine and they have a article about the re-emergence of day trading prop firms. I recall them mentioning the Lightspeed platform and several firms. I'm pretty sure the Schonfeld guy's (name may be mispelled) desk uses Lightspeed. There were several others as well. Unfortunately, my magazine is in Ct and now I'm in NY so I can't exactly list them.
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