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    Hi guys. I have been thinking about getting into prop trading. I moved out to Vegas after college to play poker, and have been doing so for the last two years or so.
    The research I've done so far has lead me to find Bright Trading and RTFM Capital. I've found plenty of information on Bright Trading but very little on RTFM Capital, besides their website. Does anyone have any information on them? Are they a good place to work? They claim you don't have to put up capital on their website.
    Also, does anyone have any tips on what to include in my cover letter? I haven't really applied for jobs in the past and have never written a cover letter. Should I focus on how poker skills translate to trading? As I have never traded before, that may be hard for me to articulate. Has anyone made that transition and have some insight to share? Any information people can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    Does anyone at least have any info on RTFM Capital?
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    Also Keystone ....same crooks they screw their traders .If you could possibly make any money youll probably never see it .Unless you have the lawyer to give them the financial shit kicking they deserve dont even think about it.
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    Ballys, The Sands, Mirage, Wynwood Resorts, Bellagio, etc......
  5. Did you have any luck finding out info on RTFM?
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    No, didn't find anything on them really. Went with Bright and I'm happy here.
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    bright is in vegas.
  9. Kinda getting tired of defending this firm but I feel it is my duty to let the truth be known.
    So I will state it again Ihave been trading with RTFM for nearly 2 years
    no complaints
    no problems getting paid
    remote prop with 98% payout this why people like to talk Sh*t, maybe a little bit of animosity there.

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    What’s up with this 98% payout rate ????????

    Why not something like 90 or 85 percent or hell just let it be 100%
    I mean what’s 2% of you trading profits anyways.

    Where does (or why is it) 98% come from???????
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