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    Hi, if anybody knows of independent prop firms or prop trading desks within banks in Vancouver, BC please post. Also what they trade, whether its Equities or Futures and FX.

    I know of Bright and Orbixia. I also knew a few people who worked at National Bank as prop traders.

    If anyone works or have worked at one of these places please give your feedback.
  2. I know that DV trading has a small floor in Vancouver, but they seem to be a very different operation from Bright/Orbixa (no deposit, minimum education requirements, salary).
  3. We have some new plans available for 2013, and I suggest you consider calling Rob Friesen next week at: 604.539.8700 for some more info.

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    Thanks for your replies.
  5. What are these issues w/Nevada? If it is a matter of compliance, which it sounds like, don't you think prospective traders should know about it?

    Does this mean the shop in Canada is doing something that is not allowed in Nevada?

  6. Nothing like that at all, just a Management decision based on costs.
    We've taken on 2 traders in the last few weeks. No big deal.

  7. edit: (still logged in as I said).... and Canada office is subject to the same Compliance as U.S.
  8. Nevada is known to be a very business friendly state. If it is related to costs and not compliance would you please tell us what it is?

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    Keep adding on them NEW traders DON
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    I run a group of remote trader here in Vancouver. I compete with bright and the swift guys. Drop me an email at

    We can go fro coffee and talk trading and Vancouver opportunities

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