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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ynox1, Aug 2, 2006.

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    Does anyone know of any prop firms in Sweden where you can trade Futures, or can get you set up to trade remotely ?
  2. Closest I've heard of is Pan Capital. However, I don't think it's what you're after.

    Maybe approach someone in London. Fortis, Marex etc.
  3. You can also check out the list of London-arcades over at T2W, if you're after futures trading - a lot of them offer remote trading. The US firms like Bright and Echo offer remote as well, although you need to get the US series 7 license.

    Lykke til! :)
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    Thanks for your help. I actually trade at a large prop firm in London, but I just thought it would be better to trade with a swedish company. If I can't find anywhere in Sweden, I'll check out what my company can offer rme
    I got in touch with those 2 companies and I am waiting for an answer.
    Thanks again, and if you guys get any more info about any swedish companies please let me know.
  5. Alot of firms have prop-traders within their trading division.

    Fischer Partners has a couple of prop traders sitting at the same office but not trading for the firm, but through, remote or whatever its called.
  6. Sorry maybe you wanted a couple of examples. Handelsbanken, SEB, Swedbank, Fischer Partners, Carnegie. I think Handelsbanken (SHB) is the only firm which also has a qvant division within the trading desk.

    Actually, traders are more respected abroad than in sweden, why I dont know. Not among pros but among common people.

    Good luck