Prop firms in SF Bay Area?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by dafong, Feb 6, 2008.

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    I know there are tons of prop firms in chicago and NYC and I could probably open a remote trading account with them, but are any legitimate prop firms in the San Francisco Bay Area?
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  3. There is an Assent office, south of market someplace. Bright also has offices in the Bay Area, does anyone know if they have any in the city?
  4. Up. Don, can you tell us where your Bright offices are?
  5. Actually the traders chose to trade remote, much like most of our growth over the last few years. "Free Franchise" opportunities are available to established traders however.

    We have "bumped it up" technology wise wherein we have live online mangement, chat rooms, live online mentoring, to help more people. I do, however, recognize the benefits of being away from home at times...and so everyone tends to come by the main office from time to time.

  6. Interesting, so there are no offices in San Francisco at this point? Still have offices outside the city?
  7. Not sure if they have an office there anymore, but Bright use to be located at 1600 South Main Street in Walnut Creek ( East Bay )
  8. the exchanges closed down and everyone went home or to Chicago.
  9. Las Vegas, Langley and Vancouver (BC), Boston, Austin, Denver (new, small), Arcadia, Chicago, Detroit, Irvine, and probably a couple others I can't think of.

    We like the idea of "affiliate" locations where the local traders get together and set up an office. Saves them $$ and creates another revenue stream for them as well. We basically give a "free franchise" to any successful Bright trader.