Prop firms in San Diego?

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  1. Hello all -

    Just curious if anyone is aware of any prop firms in San Diego?

    I will admit that I haven't done a ton of research on this matter yet, but I have found that most of the firms that show up when doing a basic search are not actually located in San Diego, they are based elsewhere and looking to bring on remote traders.

    I am contemplating a move to San Diego, though I'm only in the beginning stages of it, but I prefer to work in an office environment with others. I've been doing the remote thing (as a consultant) for quite some time and would like to get back into an office where I have the ability of connecting and communicating with other traders more easily.

    Thanks for your time,

  2. Xela


    There are certainly co-working spaces in San Diego, even if there aren't prop firms.

    That way, you could work in an office environment (at least to some extent) while trading remotely.

    "Communicating with traders" is also commonly done remotely, these days ...
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  3. Jeffro72


    Looking for the same. Have you found anything yet?