prop firms in san diego

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  1. Does anyone know of any prop firms in the San Diego area besides the old Tuco group. I just moved from NY.
  2. There was a nice office forming in LaJolla about 3 years ago but in got "wojoed" and they closed up after less than 1 year.

    Nice try..... but don't let a trader run a business...let them trade and have a business guy run the office.
  3. ocean view in La Jolla, still around nice location.:)
  4. mshanil


    Ocean View Trading a very sound office.
    I highly recommend them. I did trade with them.
    They have most of traders trading remote and also a branch in Chicago too.
  5. Does anyone have any contact info or do they have a website.Thanks.What does wojed mean?
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    Just Google them and you will find the information.
  7. I trade with JC/Ocean View...Call them at 248.406.3250
  8. trading from 6:30 - 1:00pm and having the whole afternoon next to the beach what more could you ask for ? :)