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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by BMT, May 31, 2003.

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    I was hired as a prop trader at Schonfeld in LA and was literally packing my stuff to move from San Diego to LA (we all know the story there). Well, I'm now looking for a good firm in San Diego to trade with. I currently work on a trade desk and am Series 7 licensed, I'm not looking to put up any of my own capital. Any solid firms in San Diego that you're aware of?
  2. If I were you I would contact Mike Paeske at ECHO trade
    or Jonathon Kirkland at Assent. If your profitable, I bet either one of these guys can help you out.

    If you have your own dough and want to go solo I can help you out

    good luck .....sorry to hear about whats goin down in LA
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    BMT - You could also take a look at Redwood Trading, they have an office in Aliso Viejo, CA. I just joined them at their San Francisco office, if you call that office (the SF office) and talk to Dennis McNell, he may be able to help you.....

    Good luck....

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    well, I guess Worldco isn't an option....:)

  5. i met Mike Paeske a couple of weeks ago in chicago....was really helpful. seems like a great guy...i know he has a solid track record. you owe it to yourself to visit him. they are doing some cool things in that office.....great training. if you need his number pm me. good luck!!!
  6. but I understand the old office manager of 7 years or more left and recently a Bright trader of 5 years punched the new office manager in the face and quit to join another firm.
  7. Gee, Jonathan, after reading your comments about "snake oil" and BS on this board, I am surprised that you would blatantly lie here (unless, of course, you were just mis-informed). You know why Jack left, and out of respect for him, I won't specify in a public format. Your own boss and I spoke regarding legal issues with Jack. As far as the "fisticuffs" in the office, both are still trading with BT.

    We've maintained a mutual respect here on the board, let's not let the silliness and mis-information get the better of us.

    All the best!

  8. Don,
    With all due respect, even if both traders are still trading at Bright (which I doubt will be the case for much longer) it is entirely unacceptable for a fight to break out for the reasons it did. You are right in that this is not the place to sling mud, so I won't. But suffice to say, the reasons behind the fight sure as hell need to be addressed by management.
  9. You are absolutely right. This is a very strange happening between long time friends....and we have done our best to handle the situation in the appropriate manner. Traders can be "volatile"...but this is not right....they're both good people, and we did our best to maintain a businesslike environment.

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    ... sounds like it was handled as best as was possible. One good lesson I have learned over time in managing employees is that setting expectations at the beginning of the employees - or contracters - tenure helps to ensure that these types of incidents dont happen. .... let everyone know that these types of behaviours are grounds for immediate termination and they almost never arise. In the rare occasion where we had an employee discipline problem we immediately terminated all involved parties..... Funny, the issue never came up again.

    Set the policy and follow through - no exceptions - and you will be amazed at how few problems will arise in the future .....
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