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  1. what are some good,reputable LLC's in NYC that use assent ,also long island? anyone have info in schonfeld and another firm called avatar or something? what are your opinions on them both?
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    I am part of an LLC that trades with Lightspeed, which is where Assent gets data. Fox Hedge Trading. I also have worked in the past for Andover and Trinix for a brief time. I have been in the industry for about a decade now and have seen alot of things. I have started a group in the NJ Bergen county area we will be providing remote and on site trading. It is not looked upon in a positive light to tout ones own group on the site. If you would like some other info and have questions please give me an e-mail.
  3. Well there are so many firms in N?YC and li
    I know they have bright trading in LI
    They have dimension chimera etc in nyc
    Just look around you will find a lot of firms
  4. Dimension is in NYC ? where? are they an LLC type firm? whay platform do they use? what about avatar? anything good about avatar?
  5. :confused:
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    Bright Trading LLC has an affiliate office in Great Neck.
    Check out They have good
    training and use Redi platform. Goodluck.
  7. Check out Benchmarq Trading

    Been with them for a few years. Get paid on time, good software, always available to answer any questions.

    Good luck

  8. Who told you this? Or did you make it up on your own?
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    Please dont blast me too hard for making the typ-o, we all make mistakes sometimes. I ment to say avatar uses lightspeed. I had thought that Assent was the old andover/trinix, didnt realize their relationshp with Sungard. Sorry for the confusion. Benchmarq is good too. They clear Lek and have got a nice space.
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    Assent is the old Andover.... but has zero to do with trinix

    Assent gets their data direct from the feed providers, not Lightspeed
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