Prop firms in montreal?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by JonathanP28, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Can someone suggest to me a good prop firm in montreal?
    I found a lot in ET, but none of them provide a real insight or details about these firms.

    1. SFG
    3. WTS
    4. Lynx
    5. Title
    6. Golden
    7. Global
    8. Globus
    9. Discreet
    10. Lion pride
    11. Everest
    12. JC Trading,
    13. Nevis Trading,
    14. Echo Trading
    15. PropShopCanada
    17. Infinium
    18. CFT
    19. DV Trading (toronto)
    20. Vortex Capital Group
    21. Bright Trading

  2. I was trading at Lynx when they merged with Globus Trading of Toronto as a branch in montreal.

    So Lynx disapeared and my account became a Globus account, (

    At The end of July I adviced of the cancelation of my account and as of today can’t get my funds back, unreliable and unprofessional.

    You will probably never see your money again if you join them.
  3. Datradr



    did you have a trading loss or negative balance in your account prior to when you stopped trading and requested your deposit back?
  4. No, my balance is positive as of today. Another trader said he also can’t retrieve a large amount of money and heard that at least other two have the same problem, so it's a pattern if true.