Prop Firms in Japan?

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  1. Anyone know of any prop firms in Japan?
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    My father used to work as a head in a french bank tokyo branch and Souel branch. and I asked him the same question.

    From what I heard from him, There is no prop firm in Japan.
    I think the business structure is very immature and limited in Japan compared to the US.

    If you understand Japanese language, just like the TV show "Big Money", there may be small organizations or persons doing it but Im sure its very hard to find them. :(
  3. My Japanese level is reasonably good, but that doesn't help much if there is no where to trade....
  4. I was just discussing this with one of my colleagues (they are all Japanese) last Friday and he didn't know of any. Your post has made me curious and I will try to ask around this week at my firm.

    I work at one of the large audit firms here and maybe someone in our financial services division (I am not in this division) may know.
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    They definitely exist but you have to know the right people like how it is in the US. Networking is important in this business, as you may know. Still, it's harder in Japan because of all their business and social structure.

    Straight out, "most" Japanese traders from Japan are major A$$holes. There are a$$holes in every business but most of them in Japan are conceited B@stards. I hate them next to churn brokers, regardless of my Ethnic Background. They treated me like a twinky gay secretary when they first meet me and once they find I'm a trader and fairly profitable, they start kissing your ass. Geez I hate them.

    I've been offered to go back to Japan, a while back and help them with a prop. firm in Tokyo as a trader/instructor. I'm a Gann analysis based discretionary system trader and performing well also at the time. Friend of mine was asked if they knew any traders and he just gave my name out. You don't see a lot Gann traders (I still haven't met one in person yet) and also a programmer. They found me interesting and but I just refused the offer.

    It's a nice place to visit but I don't want to work in that Socialist Nation. They should really bring back the Feudal System and have them fight with swords again.

    Still, I'll ask one of my friends who came up with the offer and see if he still knows anything about it. If I do, I'll PM or post something about Japanese Prop.
  6. in Shibuya. I'm not sure what sort of services they offer, but I'll drop by next week and take a look.
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    just want to renew this question given the increase in daytraders in japan recently.

    any good prop firms show up?
  8. I've not yet been, but one of my classmates from my MBA program is in Tokyo now and interviewed for a position at Toyo.

    It sounds like Americans are running it.. but I could be waaaay off too. If so, and if you are profitable, then they would probably figure out a way to get you in.
  9. They are an FX broker. So my thought is that they might also run a prop firm or be open to the idea.
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