Prop firms in Houston.

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  1. Does any one know any of any prop firms in the Houston area?
  2. Have you Tried Infinium capital? They have an office on Greenway Plaza rightnear the Southwest Fwy.

    You can try Cobra trading too although I believe they may be in Allen.
  3. Thanks a lot. If anyone knows any more please share.
  4. Thanks a lot. If anyone knows any others please share. I'm fairly new to Houston and I'm looking for a mentor/internship type position at the moment (paid or unpaid).
  5. Those are the only two of. Good luck.
  6. hoop121


    can you program?
  7. I know VBA and I'm currently learning C++.
  8. Kershner is out in Austin if that's of any help.
  9. Thanks, EVO. I'm going to have to stay in Houston for a while since I go to school over here.

    For anyone unsure of the kind of internship/mentorship I'm looking for. I'm talking a few hours a week, grunt work if need be, a lot of self-study, possibly homework, discussion of the day/week's events. Something substantial enough to put on my resume so I know the game when I talk to any future employer.
  10. Infinium has 1 guy in their Houston office and I don't think they're hiring.

    Try Velocity Merchant Energy, Goldfinch Capital, National Trading, Whiteside, Cargill, or Koch.
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