Prop Firms in Honolulu

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by iketrades, May 16, 2008.

  1. iketrades


    Are there any prop firms in Honolulu? Offices or remote trading? Thanks.
  2. We've have remote traders all over the World, including Hawaii. Pretty tought Time Zone for trading US markets, LOL.

  3. iketrades


    Thanks for your response.

    Its a tough time zone but I really enjoy the market; currently watching/trading the morning market while working 8-5 job. Considering the reverse, trading full-time and work other job part-time but looking at prop firms for the capital.

    Do you know of any Bright traders in Honolulu I may be able to contact about Bright Trading?
  4. Maverick74


    What are the hours in Honolulu for trading US index futures?
  5. wenzi


    4:30 AM - 11:15 AM. It changes since they do not have summer ( daylight savings ) time.
  6. 3:30am-10:15am presently and 4:30am -11:15am during the winter months.
  7. bronks


    It's amazing how much of a difference just one hour makes. 4:30 am is doable, no prob. A 3:30 market open (at least a 3:15 wake up) kills. I've never gotten used to it no matter how early I go to bed. One things for sure, you gotta keep moving after market close... lest you nap. And you don't wanna do that 'cause that will cause you to go to bed late... which will cycle over and over again. Easy, it's not.

    EDIT: "Easy, it's not." ...I don't know where that Yoda shit came from, so how 'bout-- trading at 3:30 in the morning fucking sucks.

    I'm past my bedtime
  8. Hmmm "3:15" for a "3:30" opening bell....LOL. Might think a 2AM wake up maybe 2:30.....and, I've done it while on vacation, not the best.....but, it's weird, wherever I happen to be, the NYSE opens at the same time, so my biological clock wakes me right up, LOL.

  9. bronks


    Although at times I may miss a pre-market run, a 3:15 wake up for the ES is just fine. No sense in losing any sleep over it. Sometimes, I really would like to know what it feels like to wake up without the moon being out.
  10. LOL, the Moon is pretty much out when I open the office doors in the morning,....

    Our people are usually up at at em before 9AM (NYC) for our Morning Call etc., get ready to place the opening only orders.

    Now, as far as the E's go, my brother has his computer on all night...gets up at all hours placing trades (probably has to hit the bathroom anyway, LOL).

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