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    Besides Swift Trade, is there any other prop firm in Hong Kong? I prefer firms that trade futures mainly, but I'm open to US equities too. Google is not too helpful in this matter.

    Remote trading sounds good to me too, as long as the payment is not taxed in Canadian rate (where I'm currently living).

    Talking about Swift Trade Hong Kong, I've seen their website posted here before, but I can't find it anymore. Swift Trade's official site doesn't post anything about the international branches.

    Thanks in advance, I really want to move to Hong Kong for good.
  2. There's also an office in Macau if you don't mind the 50 min TurboCat commute... but be prepared for some of the lowest commision pricinfg structures in the industry.. remember Swift treats this part of the world like a 3rd world country and pays out similiar...
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    Thanks TradingMan, but I'm more interested in living in Hong Kong. If you happen to know the website of the Hong Kong (Mongkok branch) Swift Trade, please let me know. I'm pretty sure the payout in HK is not 10%, like the rest of China. If it's a logical guess, it should be the same as North America... of course, I don't know the payout...

    Do you know any prop firms in Hong Kong?
  4. There is a Title Trading Office in Hong Kong, I heard. You might also want to check out Genesis.

    I know that Hong Kong is a very expensive city to live in compared to my Vancouver. It's tough enough to make profit trading, are you sure that prop trading is a good career move AS WELL as moving to Hong Kong?
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    Thanks since1997, my move to Hong Kong is not 100% a career move, I just want to move back to my home town. I was a prop trader before my current job, so I already know what to expect from it. I was profitable back then, and should be profitable now, as I continue to improve myself in trading everyday in the last 3 years.

    There isn't a Title Trading office in Hong Kong, I called them to verify that already. Thanks.

    Do you have any plan to move to Hong Kong?
  6. You can trade as a remote trader in HK under a prop firm in US, unless you want to trade in a office environment.
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    I'm living in Canada, looking for a remote deal... would love to talk to traders from Canada who's dealing with Generic, Genesis, and Hold Brothers. I heard Genesis and Hold Brothers have branches in Hong Kong.
  8. Do you have US tax id?
  9. Hold Brothers just opened shop in China...not sure of exact location?
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    No, I don't. I'm a Canadian.
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