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    Does anybody know any Prop firms in Holland/Amsterdam. The only firms I know are Market Wizards, Effective Traders and Cebulon.

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    I think there is TitleTrade and SwiftTrade in Rotterdam, I think SwiftTrade went bankrupt maybe.

    Check their websites and i am sure they will connect you with the offices.
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    If you are interested in Eurex, maybe here is some help:

    Eurex NCM NL
  5. what kind of a prop firm are you looking for
  6. Optiver is a great company, but hard to get in there.
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    Hi Bertdeboer,

    I’m successfully trading index-options and want to expand my trading. I have a full-time job and I’m thinking about to go pro and be a full-time trader. Expanding to futures and/or stocks but this also depends on the possibilities.

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  9. and what specific are you looking for that Effective, Wizzards or Cebulon cannot offer you then?

    Of these three (indeed the only one I know) who offer marketmaking on Euronext (only effective Traders also offers marketmaking on Eurex), Effective is the only one where you can get a deal where you keep 100% of your profit. You do have to negociate there tradingprices does though...
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    I’m not looking something for specific but this kind of business is new for me. If I make a choice I want the company with best rates/IT/software/knowledge/etc. Do you have experience with these kind of companies in Holland? Have you ever heard of intal ( You can work for the firm or have deal comparable with Effective Traders/Cebulon/Market Wizards.

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