Prop Firms in Greater Pittsburgh Area?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by rugger100, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. rugger100


    I am relocating to the Greater Pittsburgh area and am looking for a shop to scalp trade. I was a successful registered rep and traded my own account for over ten years. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. just gp prop through a firm and trade from home. call assent.
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    gp :confused: thanks.
  4. mrmoose


    I always thought if you wanted to open a firm that wanted to train new traders Pittsburgh would be a great place to do it.

    Cost of living is very low which makes it easier to live during the learning curve, and CMU and Pitt put out allot of bright kids.
  5. rugger100


    I guess you're talking about a satellite office - a one man shop... that's great if "that's the only game in town", but I would rather trade in a group setting because I'm looking to trade a different style than I previously did in the past, and there is a learning curve for that.
  6. hlust


    there used to be a trading firm on Walnut St. in Shadyside.

    I dont think it laster more than a few months
  7. I'm in Pittsburgh, MBA program at Carnegie Mellon.. Let me know if you find a firm or are thinking or starting one up. Pittsburgh _would_ be a great place..
  8. mrmoose


    I just want to bump the thread as I am finally getting serious about opening a "turtle" model shop in Pittsburgh. I see that the cost of living in New York makes it too hard for people to survive during the learning curb. I have a very good record as a trainer, and of course would welcome experienced traders who either live in the Burgh or want to move there. Please let me know if their is any interest so I can see if this is worth perusing.
  9. Dobbes


    I'm interested. Any developments on this, post in this thread or message me.
  10. mrmoose - Does a "turtle" model mean using the turtle strategy or just growing traders in general?
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