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  1. I have the paperwork for bright, but I like the idea of having an office or floor to visit
    when I'm feeling extra-social.

    anyone know of any prop firms in detroit?
  2. Karl I think you belong remote and I don’t think Detroit will be a hot spot for offices

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  3. :D :D
  4. JA_LDP


    The only ones i know of are Bright and Assent.
  5. jtnet


    where is bright michigan located?
  6. JA_LDP


    Search google maps for it.
  7. sandy1



    I trade with these guys in Detroit. WWW.T1TRADING.COM . They have a state of the art trading floor and offer the best rates out there. Their phone number and email is on their site.

  8. Sandy are you able to trade successfully with just 10 to 1 leverage?
  9. Actually, our Detroit office is in Southfield.

  10. Sorry for the duplicate, but missed this question.

    Northwestern Hwy. Southfield.

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