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  2. I am looking to move to Chicago to do some prop futures trading. Are there any prop shops that have a stable core of profitable traders. I'm tired of being one of a very few in my office that makes money. I need to be around people who are consistently profitable.
    Let's take this baby to another level.:cool:
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    I have never heard of simplicity. Anyone use it? And from the website, it doesn't offer any locations, do they only cater to remote traders?
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  4. If you can verify a good track record, give Jason Stratton a call at Falcon Trading. O'Connor clears his trades, he is backed by a very good group and they have a very good set up.

    I'll PM his cell phone number.

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    I heard that Schonfeld is getting into Futures/Prop. Did you try them?
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  6. I'd love to hear what people think of prop trading in general... pros and cons.
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    This is a thread about Prop Firms in Chicago. If you'd like to discuss prop trading in general please start another thread, or better yet do some research on past threads at Elite as that topic has been discussed innumerable times. Thanks.
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  8. I'd like to hear from some people who actually trade at some of these prop firms in Chicago.

    Question : Why do you trade at the prop firm that you're currently trading with?
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    I was just wondering what riskless knew about Gator. I am going up to Chicago to meet with them. Last week, they interviewed me for an internship. I cannot find any information on them, and I would like to go prepared. Thanks.
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  10. Who knows where I can reach them?
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