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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by robbo, Jan 15, 2003.

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    Might want to take a look at NT Futures/Securites.

    They just opened a new 12,000sqft trading room a few weeks ago in the Board of Trade - prop futures and securities. I was up there a few weeks ago and it seemed fairly busy.
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    That might be a good use for all that space the exchanges have when they close down the pits.
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    Right on target !!

    LOL :D :p
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    The funny thing is that a good majority of the people I run into in prop rooms in Chicago are ex-pit traders - mostly prop option or futures - few prop security traders because a lot of them don't have the proper skill set. A lot of them can't make the transition from the floor because it is a whole new game - but some seem to be making a killing.

    The chicago floors still looks packed when I have visited recently but you have to wonder how many more years they really have left.
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  5. split their time between the two ?

    on the floor for the open and 1st hour or so

    then upstairs for a few hours ... then back down to the floor

    for the last hour or so and the close ?
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  6. NT Tradiing is another good group to talk to. I know a couple of very good traders going through them. The guys that run it know what they are doing and they would do it right.

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  7. Seth,

    That is how some of the Floor Traders are trying to make the transition. They come up for a few hours or trade at night on the screens to get the feel. It's a fairly difficult transition, because on the floor thay know where the orders are and they can lean on paper. On the screen, there really isn't any flow information and that was what they used to make trade decisions. The screen has the edge in information, like economic reports or timely news. Screen traders can alos see how trades set up Technically, because they are not constantly making markets.

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  8. there is a new prop firm opening up. they have offices domestically and overseas and offer remote access. the web site address is yes, i am a member of this group but i am not one to beat you over the head with it. just check it out and you decide.
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    Are you sure this is the right link?
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  10. Wow, I know it's tough for prop firms these days, but this post is only an hour old and there's already no trace of them left at their website. :p
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