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    I am thinking about joining a Prop Firm in Chicago,what firms are worth checking out?
  2. Robbo,

    I don't trade prop, but I'm in Chi. and have heard good things about Echo here.

  3. Do you want to trade Stocks or Futures?

    Two Future Firms are Gator Trading and Falcon Trading!

    The stock firms are dropping like flies right now!
  4. what are prop traders?
  5. I have heard of Spike in Chicago..but can't find any information about Falcon or Gator...does anyone have phone numbers or websites for these 2..Thanks
  6. From what I here there seem to be several firms doing prop futures trading in Chicago. A lot of them focus on the European futures like the Bund. Is that what you have heard about too? I wonder if the success rate of prop futures traders is still the same as stock prop traders or if it is better.
  7. Gator trades eminis, bonds and eurodollars. It is a new firm that is backed by some very well-known traders at the CME.

    Falcon Trading trades Emins exclusively and are run by Jason Stratton. He is very selective.

    Goldenberg Heymeyer, Marquette Partners, DE Trading, Gelber Group, Octagon and Geneva Trading are several Futures Prop firms to look at.

    I think that herd is going into Eminis and the Bonds, Notes and Five Year may be better trades for remote traders. I personally like the Bund over the rest, because the Germans banks are very technical and exit points are easier to define.

    Good Luck!
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    I was really looking to join a Prop firm to trade to shares,what are the requirements to join a firm to trade futures
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    Geneva Trading. I think they do futures only.
  10. The stock firms are starting to wind down, while the future firms are still doing OK. It doesn't look very bright on the stock front, but I believe that it is not always prudent to follow the herd.

    The requirements for a Futures Prop group are the same as a Stock house. Some will train you, but they tend to be very selective. Others want you to put up some of your own money and the split may be better.

    A company the offers pretty good training is:

    Resource Trading Group!
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