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    I have googled this forum and got the following list of prop shops in Canada

    Infinium Capital

    ,etc etc I'm sure there are a lot more.

    I want to join a firm that allows me to use their pipes/leverage and I pay a commission... I come from a stat arb quant shop.. so when in the other posts, people mention about "training fee" or "arcade", I kind of got lost there. So my question is, are there any prop shops that have:

    1. Low latency access to Canada/US market
    2. Good simulation software (ie, the historical level 2 feeds are done properly, so my orders are queued correctly in simulation, and running simulation for yesterday gives me roughly the same real life PL for yesterday, subject to front running my own orders). Running production and simulation use the same strategy code, etc etc
    3. DOES NOT own my strategy code.

    +1 if it has a cluster environment so that I can farm out jobs (ie overfitting parameters, etc ;)
    +1 if it has more global stock market access like Europe/Asia
    +1 allows remote trading.

    Again, I don't want any "training" or "clicking"... Just want to use the pipes, infrastructure, etc. I can do no base, some deposits, minimum monthly commission etc whatever the usual terms.

    Is there such firm?

    - theboy
  2. I'm not sure I can post the person behind Everest, but I call tell he is gone with his traders money.

    He owned another company, can't remember the name.

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    Is that Everest this one here
    If the owner ran off with the money, the website is still up. Do you have proof of this?