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  1. I am a profitable trader who currently lives in the states and am moving to Montreal, Canada by the end of the month.
    I was wondering what the best prop firms in Montreal are (i.e. high payout, low fees, offers remote trading etc.)
  2. Hey I work now at lynx trading and have been there for 2 months. So far everything has been great. It is a smaller firm which is only a few years old and is only now starting to attract more traders. So far they are a lot better then the only other place I ever worked in Montreal, Golden Market Management. At lynx I get 80% profit compared to 65% at Golden, I get 30 times my deposit (vs 20 at Golden), my daily stop limit is 5 times as high (1000$ vs 200$ at Golden), and best of all there is no pressure. At Golden I swear by God I would make 500$ in a day and I would get 2 emails from the managers telling me I am not trading enough volume I have to change. They push you around because they are full of themselves I think. The managers do not even make any trades and they would constantly be telling me I was not trading properly even when I made money. I would increase my volume and get bumped out of my positions because of the low daily stop loss they have. It was frustrating to say the least. Also I was promised overnights at Golden and only found out when I did not close a position that what they meant was only after a long time with them would I be allowed overnights. This was not how they presented it in the job interview and it caused me to lose about 400$ the day I had to close a position overnight on a low volume stock I thought I could hold. Anyways I suggest Lynxtrading to anyone, like someone said they are really easy they have a minimum deposit of 1000 dollars and they should give you 30 x on whatever you leave them. I am no expert but I do know that Lynxtrading rips Golden Market Management.
    Also if you are experienced you are prob better served not going to swift trade.
    pm me if you have other questions or if you want contact info for the recruiter at lynx.
  3. I am not going to tell you where to go because there are a fee good firms in Montreal
    look at the following
    and if you don't mind a very small firm Discreet
  4. This thread smells like another lynx recruiter SPAM attack.

    First-time OP serioustrader, etal., AKA montrealrob?
  5. golden, global, lynx, globus, title are all decent firms.

    firms that i will avoid are lion pride, everest capital, and some asian shops.
  6. @stockwrangler.... I don't think so ;)

    From what I have been told from a friends friend.... Lynx is not quite the best place to be and neither are Golden and swift.

    In any case I received an amazing offer from Everest Capital and it seems like the right thing for me to do.
  7. Lynx is NOT the best place but is a decent firm.

    Everest is NOT a reliable firm.
    The owner and his affiliates are wooing people here to join.
    The offer looks attractive but the firm is NOT credible. it is not well managed and can just go bust anytime.

    I wouldn't bother to risk my 100% capital to get an extra 5% payout
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    I am curious to know what you know that I don't. I just signed to trade on their Toronto floor and their manager / owner there had no problem sharing all information with me including loses for the month as well as gains. He was very open about showing balance sheets and income statements so I am not sure what you know but I would be interested to hear please PM me as I just signed there to start as of Monday
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    I was actually considering both of these firms, can you give me some more details about them?
  10. It is all relative, if you are talking about firms in Canada, then Globus can be one of the options. If you talk about firms anywhere, then I wouldnt recommend Globus.

    Let me get it straight here: I like JC Trading, Nevis Trading, then Echo Trading. Maybe you can offer attractive deals, but it is a business afterall, I rather do business with a solid broker that I know will be around 2-3 years down the road no problem. I trade with Nevis and let me clarify that i am just a regular client there, no more no less. They are honest, reliable and financially well managed. Great payouts and commissions too. Maybe you can beat them a little bit, but I rather go for a solid firm than for a little new nobody shop.

    Oh now it seems that you are registering 10+ accounts here all recommending your new firm?

    And now you are even claiming that there is NO risk joining your firm (less risky than deutsche bank?) ? For that to be true, you must be affiliated with the bank of canada or the federal reserve?
    That's why I am saying that you are a poor businessman, you are overly optimistic and naive. when things go unexpected, you will struggle and the firm will go under. You are probly an honest man but a very poor business operator.

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