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  1. Hi, guys:
    Does anyone have some information on prop firms in Canada trading future?
    I know CFT, DV Trading, and do we have others? By the way, what happened to Saxon? their Montreal office closed?
    Very appreciate for your help!:p :p
  2. davinci


    All the good guys from Saxon went over to CFT, this caused Saxon to shut up shop. DV has also left Montreal and is now based in Toronto. CFT are the only trading firm left in Montreal
  3. inktomii


    thats not true, do your homework and find out whose out there
  4. michel22


    Do you know of good prop firms in Montreal? I know about title, DV , CFT financials, but besides those any other good ones? Just graduated...want to trade.
  5. Wow you waited 3.5 years to post garbage like this. Good for you.
  6. michel22


    swiftmike are you at swifttrade, looking to get in anywhere whats your insight?
  7. wts trades futures now as well...ottawa montreal calgary victoria
  8. no, he's right swiftmike, there are plenty of good firms in montreal.
  9. I got my own thing going on, happy with it for now, not looking for a new home. But if some good info comes up I will past it on to my friends. They might need something new.
  10. For futures I only know of Pristons company. And saxon but I think they closed their doors. Wouldn't trust WTS with futures trading, but you never know.
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