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    I'm a trader in the UK, looking to trade in California, around the orange county area if possible.

    Does anyone know of any firms that fit this criteria?
  2. Irvine, San Diego, Arcadia, San Ramon, San Rafael....CA locations.

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    The world knows about you guys, let some other firm post who is not as well know.

    I think over exposure can be a negative thing.

  4. OC is way overated....San Diego is the best kept secret in CA.
  5. I don't see anything wrong with Don posting. I've appreciated his insight when he occasionally divulges his experineces on the floor. I think any experienced trader will avoid high rates simply by surfing the market.

    If they need training, assuming it is disciplined, insightful, and comprehensive (and it seems from reading a bit on his site that it is), then they will pay the higher rates until they discover the service is no longer needed.
  6. secret? Hardly. it is my favorite "City" in cal after SF though. Certainly can't beat the weather.

    OC is great if the guy wants to be in an area a little more spread out (that's relative of course). There are some great smaller towns, not just irvine/ newport.

  7. I, too, am hoping to see "other" firms post up.....I haven't seen too many as of late...I always like to keep up with whomever may be in the game.

  8. Don pays Baron big bucks to post about his firm here. I agree that his volume of posts and advertisements is excessive, though.....occasionally there is helpful info, but usually it is an advertisement to trade at BT under the guise of being helpful......
  9. Hey Boss...long time no hear from you....One minor correction, however...the "helping" posts are sincere, and do give me a lot of content for the magazine and radio show....I really don't need a guise, If I had my way, everyone would be a Bright Trader, LOL. My frequency of posts goes down when I don't feel the need to make corrections to assertions that are not true (not much of that any longer, and therefore my number of posts has gone down quite a bit.

    All the best,

  10. just breaking your balls Don. You're a good guy and I know you have an interest in both helping traders and also in growing your business. nothing wrong with that.
    it's just funny that every thread has to mention Bright in some way it seems!!
    take it easy
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