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  1. What is a good prop firm in Austin, TX?

    I am a senior pursuing a degree in finance and I am really interested in trading. My goal is to graduate and move to Austin in 2014 but I really don't know anything about prop firms.

    What would you guys recommend for an inexperienced college graduate interested trading?

    I am a junior analyst for an investment organization at The University of Texas at San Antonio but I have no trading experience.
    I have knowledge of financial modeling and I am also Bloomberg certified.

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    Today you don't really need brick and mortar firm to trade from but incase you do Bright Trading has a branch office there also trading educators Hubert Senters, John Carter, Markus Heitkoetter ( Rockwell Trading), e-mini academy are all based there i.e. offices you can trade from but I don't think they will provide you trading capital.
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    I have never heard of someone being Bloomberg certified.
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  6. Thanks for your help:cool:
  7. Yes if you go to the bloomberg university you need to watch 4 intro videos and 4 videos of different sectors. If you do it allows you to take 5 exams that you need to get a grade of 75 or more and you will receive a certificate by email. Maybe its not that important but at least it shows that you can work with a bloomberg terminal.
  8. I have heard of kershner but not to much about bright trading but ill take a look at it :) thanks for your help and I haven't thought about energy trading in Houston but sounds like a good idea and it is close to San Antonio.

    I was mad for losing but it happens haha
  9. KM Capital Management is in Austin, TX. There aren't many firms in rural areas as there are in the larger cities. Most prop firms are in NY or Chicago.
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    Bright Trading has been around since 1992.
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