Prop Firms in Atlanta

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Cee, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Cee



    I'm a new trader and I'm interested in Prop firms in Atlanta. I know there aren't that many but I found a few. One in particular is Banc Global Equity Corp. I'd appreciate any information anyone could give me about this firm.

    Are they reputable, training, candidate selection prcoess, what are their strategies, commission splits, etc.

  2. Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding the proprietary trading position with our group. If you are interested in applying and finding more then please complete a google search for the position and apply. It will be directed to the proper personel to walk you through the process.

    The options trading class is $500 and you must have $2500 to invest in the markets. The forex class is about the same price. All classes are taught on the BancGlobal Offices in Atlanta, San Diego, and Miami. Most investors trade remotely once they are trained and can access news feeds from the company's proprietary software system.

    Thanks for your time and I am glad we were able to respond to your website inquiry.

    R. Terrell Alexander
    Managing Director of Advisory Services