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    Hey all,

    I've been trading on my own penny and learned the hard way to become a consistent winner in the markets. The only problem now is that I don't have enough capital to make a living. From reading up on these threads I know that there are two prop firms around Vancouver, BC (where I'm from) and that is:

    Bright & Title - Does anyone know any other firms in BC Vancouver? I heard there is a Swift Trade in Kamloops but I'll probably get bashed for just mentioning that firm.

    If bright and title are the only ones in that area what are the pros and cons regarding % payout, cost per share, how much capital you start with and what are the margins (this Q/A combo I never found in this forum yet), and is there a maximum amount of shares you can trade a day/max $ you are allowed to lose in one day?

    Also, is there any Canadian based firms that you can use the prop firms money on remote?

    I don't expect lengthy answer, bullet point form would be great! Thank you.
  2. Just send me a PM, I'll have my Canadian Manager call you. The business models are quite different...our people keep all their trading profits, and put up some capital.


  3. Don,

    You forgot to mention you are a retail/training operation whereas Title is a propriatary trading company. Big diffrence. At your company traders pay 10$ per 1000 shares while at title they pay 20 cents (including clearing so more like 12.5 cents). LOL.
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    Swifttrade Vancouver (Pinnacle) is shut down indefinetly. Although Pinnacle got off swift's system 6 months before the shut down.

    Title Vancouver seems to be operating in a limited capacity, but it appears to be a new startup, and info is hard to get.

    I've heard of title offering remote, but rarely. WTS can offer remote but it's based back east. There are traders in vancouver trading under the WTS umbrella.

    As mentioned, Bright requires initial deposit. While the others don't except for WTS which has the option I believe of deposit or non deposit.

    I would suggest to contact the firms directly for payout structure etc.
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    Yeah you basically confirmed my current thoughts/options on what direction I want to take. And this took about 16 hours of reading thru forums, checking out prop firms across Canada, and getting a few contacts. I'll definitely leave my choices between Bright, Title, and WTS.

    I even would consider opening up prop firm under one of these in the near future pending on the start-up costs.

    Thanks for your post!
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    I am a trader in Van, sending you PM now
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    first of all prop firm won't help you if you don't already know how to trade

    if you are hoping to learn in the prop firm how to trade, you won't

    now second of all, I was with swift long ago in vancouver, firms that don't take any of your money

    they force a trader to trade their way (and that sucks on so many levels)

    because scalping is not what you want out of trading life, it is far far inferior way to make money

    Now bright prop is OK, but they won't let you trade futures

    so if you go with bright you can select liquid stock like MSFT and go at it

    like I said, I hope you already know how to trade if you want to make a living with Prop
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    My name is Stephen. i am taking my CSC and am loving learning about the market. I live in Vancouver and want to learn how to trade. I have heard Swifttrade has a good training program, but this was from a friend back east. i was wondering if anyone knows a place or group of people who mentors passionate people.

    Thank you

  9. I'm not a prop trader, but I can tell you that having your CSC may not make you a better trader. I just passed the course and there is little to nothing on trading in it (mostly fundamental material, some math). It may help get your foot in a door, though...
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    Not easy to start out trading in Vancouver right now with very few entry level options. As mentioned there's Bright/PairsCo and remote options with title and a couple others.

    CSC won't help you trade, but is a good idea in Van cause, though its probably not what people want to hear, one of the better options is to try to get into trading via one of the BDs. To go the more traditional route, you need the CSC amongst other things.
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