Prop Firms/ Hedge Funds in S.F.?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by sanders20, Jul 18, 2002.

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    This is my first post on EliteTrader and I have to say I have enjoyed many of the topics and tangents that I have read before becoming a member. Anyhow, does anyone out there know of any prop firms or hedge funds in San Francisco or resources to find such firms? I am actually looking for a firm or fund that trades listed/nasdaq/international equities, options, currencies, and other convertible securities. My limited experience is in arbitrage and convertible hedging strategies. I'd like to continue developing and trading those strategies while learning other strategies from successful traders. I'd appreciate any direction any of you could offer. Thanks.
  2. Robbie Stevens...oops. Generic has a good operation run by some guy named Chris, Spectrum, Bright, ETG. You could consider calling BofA prime brokerage services or SLK/Goldman's prime services and asking them for an introduction to the type of hedge fund you are looking for.
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    There's a currency trading place on Van Ness called Tokyo International Exchange.
  4. Van Buren (soon to be ECHOtrade with the merger) has an office there. That SF trading office is one of the only I have heard at any firm that might be hiring fully backed guys. The word is they are looking for more fully backed guys to trade a Van Buren proprietary strategy, but they have to be in SF. Heard through the grapevine, don't know if it is true or not.
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    Worldco is in SF
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