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    I am a part of a prop firm and actually represent a group of traders.

    I like to read what people say about prop firm (bad or good) and actually understand how we could offer a better service.

    I know that there is a lot of firms out there promising that they will make you rich with their training or recipes for success, charging you exorbitant fees and that maybe most of them are a scam but at some point, individual traders need stop and think about it.

    If there were any kind of magical formulas for trading, do you really think that people will waste their time in recruiting traders and ask them to put money down. They would trade their magical recipes, recruit people to trade their own money ( you probably heard of hedge founds or prop desk at banks).

    Nothing is more important that experience and that is my next point, prop firms are just here to give you access to the trading business and that is why you give them commission, nothing else.

    The rest, paying for a training or coaching or whatever else they can come up with is really up to you and the confidence you have in your group.

    Trading is a business, it takes time, capital, commitment and there is no shortcut. You should wonder why brokers online are faring better than traditional brokers with the retail investors and apply this thinking to active trading. They offer an access to the market for a fare price, free information and the rest is really up to you.

    Thanks to tell me what you think about that.