Prop firms for recent college grads?

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    I am about to graduate from a top southern university and am thinking about making a move to new york to start a career as a prop trader. I was wondering if someone knows of any firms that do not require a capital contribution or "training fees"?
  2. move to Chicago, cheaper and there are a lot more opportunities trading futures up here. Unless you want to trade equities then I know of some prop firms in Atlanta.
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    Is it possible for you to post the names of Atlanta Prop firms ?
  4. Prop trading doesn't require a degree. It requires money.
  5. Assent also has an office in Atlanta.

    I do not believe Assent offers any kind of training, while Opus does.

    I haven't dug too deep into either firm. Perhaps one day. I'd be curious about any information someone could give on either firm. What I've gathered so far:

    Opus uses the Lightspeed platform, Assent uses Anvil. Both platforms are popular in the prop world, some say Anvil is the better of the two.

    Opus wants to train you, and pay you a small salary to get you on your feet. Assent I believe expects you to come in already profitable.

    Already profitable? Assent may be the better deal.

    Neophite trader? Look at Opus.
  6. Try the T3 guys
  7. from what i understand, lynx capital in nyc has 2 weeks of "training" on the simulator. Assent is their clearing firm, are we talking about the same people?
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    here is a little working list of salary paying US firms (pretty much all options market makers)

    Spot Trading (prop trading pays a salary, upstairs)
    Jump Trading (prop trading pays a salary, upstairs)
    Infinium Capital (CBOE equity, index, CME financial & ag, on floor & upstairs)
    Wolverine (CBOE equity & index market making, CME, on floor & upstairs)
    Group One (CBOE equity market making, on floor)
    Jane Street Capital (does equity market making as well as pairs trades / they allege "stat arb" wrongly, on floor & upstairs)
    Ronin (market making w/ some prop mixed in I think, not positive they start you on a salary that but I believe so, on floor & upstairs)
    Belvedere (SPX, OEX market making, on floor)
    Transmarket (CME fixed income market making, upstairs)
    Susquehanna (CBOE equity market making, ETF market making, on floor & upstairs)
    IMC (CBOE equity & index market making on floor & upstairs)
    Optiver (CBOE equity & index market making all upstairs)
    Peak6 (CBOE equity market making all upstairs)
    Chicago Trading Co. (CBOE & CME equity & index market making on floor & upstairs)
    Liquid Capital (US & UK, in US, CBOE & CME index market making on floor & upstairs)
    Blue Capital (CBOE SPX, RUT, OEX market making on floor, some upstairs prop, not sure if they are hiring new guys)
    KC Co II (CME index market making on floor & upstairs, again not sure they are hiring new guys)
    Everest (CBOE equity mm on floor, no web-site that I know of)
    Knight Capital (don't know how many are sales-traders v. market makers, upstairs)
    Bear Wagner (NYSE specialist)
    Oscar Gruss & Son (same)
    GFI (again sales trading mostly, but know some guys do executions, upstairs)
    First New York (prop gig no MM, but pays a salary, upstairs)
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