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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by schwallie, Dec 27, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    New here, please excuse any ignorance/noobness.

    I'm looking to break into trading. I'm a former(FORMER) professional poker player, and currently run my own successful business. It is passive income, but not something that I want to do in the future.

    I am looking for a prop firm that has a training program and doesn't cost me anything to go through the program. Actually, I don't need a training program, just anything that will help me get started. Working directly with a profitable trader is fine, too.

    So, does anyone have a specific list of prop firms that offer training to undergraduates?

    Here is my resume, just in case.
  2. Looks like we have a very interesting match here - at least on paper: Schwallie's "just in case" Resume < > Bright Trading New Trader Questionnaire

    Is this really an accomplished young poker website owner and astutely impressive Spring 2011 graduating senior and co-book-author-to-be from Kentucky State, Morehead State or Murray State - or someone with a lot of Christmas 2010 vacation time on their hands to try a little funnin' on this most revered forum of the world's leading trading website?

    Mav, you wouldn't be playing marionette behind all of this, would you?!

    Too many seemingly over-the-top "props" on this stage just don't pass the trader smell test...

  3. schwallie


    Morehead :)

    If this place has a moderator, I'd gladly send them transcript, poker graphs, and a quick login on my administrator account to my website, if you want.

    I'm not sure what that link is, but I have posted this other places, just trying to get more information/learn more.
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    I'll take this as compliment ;) ...I've posted this on other sites, as I'm trying to network/look for any help I can.

    If we have a moderator, I'll gladly send transcript, poker graphs, and admin login to my website for verification if that is something that usually happens here.
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    Your relevant coursework section is redundant. A recruiter knows what the curriculum of a Finance Degree is. The rest in that section is very good. All in all, I would say this is a very good resume for a recent grad. I would definitely give you a call. Unfortunately, any college that has "state" after it, unless it's Ohio State, or other highly ranked state college is a mark against you. Consider Grad School and fund it with your poker game. If you choose this option pick a good school and major in something that is highly quantitative.
  6. "After further review", it appears that Mav may tentatively be off the hook - this time... :D

    Check for yet another PM, Schwallie.
  7. schwallie


    I am definitely considering this. I'm cramming for the GRE now.

    My first option is trading, but oftentimes it is hard for someone from a small school to "get in" anywhere decent, no matter how good the resume.

    I'm hoping that maybe a great GRE score can even further help my chances of getting a job, but if not I will be looking into Quantitative Finance degrees.

    Basically, I'm not looking for someone selling training to make a buck because they can't make it with their trading. I would want to actually be interviewed and get a job, not just be another sucker paying to come in for 5 months and not really learning anything. I feel a firm really dedicated to training their people to become successful generally is not going to make newcomers pay for training, but are going to hire them on and make sure they succeed.