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  1. Hello fellow eliters,

    I was recently researching on prop trading firms and looking at all sorts of options. Worked for one a long time ago. I'm more inclined towards earning ECN liquidity rebates rather than trading for profits.
    Do any of you on this forum use this strategy? I know it has it's own pros and cons. I'm not discussing that.
    NEwayz, I'd appreciate if anyone could guide me towards a firm that offers dirt cheap commission rates with the highest ECN rebates. It doesn't matter what the trading split is. I'm looking for a firm that offers less than $2 an execution. Also will I be able to use this strategy (earn from ECN rebates by providing liquidity) if I open up a retail a/c, ie, do they give similar commission structures and rebates to retailers?
    Any reply's would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to post a reply or PM me.

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    I tried to e-mail you, but no e-mail is liste.
    Did you find anything interesting?
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    Try Nextrade...In Clearwater FL

  4. wow,

    didn't think this game still existed, what with the firms not really doing anything and the ECN's complaining over low volume

    used to hear quite a mess over actually receiving those rebates earned, at the shops I was at.

    Hope it works for ya..

  5. NO...don't try them....every trading room seems to close

  6. contact J1010...i gave him the name and # of somebody who can help you...good far as Nextrade, i know those guys and they are decent people so I don;t want to give the impression that there's anything wrong with them...I was just making an observation, but it's worth the call.
  7. Thanks for the info guyz. I've joined a firm that gives $1 executions, full ECN rebates, 95% split with $5,000 deposit. I think it's a pretty decent deal. I don't think there's anything better out there. Lemme know if there is..
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    Waxie Graduate!
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    what firm offers 95% and 1 per trde.
    Thats a good deal.
    Can you trade on all the ecn's?? or only ntrd???
    what rebates do you get on all the ecn's????
    Now I trade on all ecn's with $1 p/trade, but a smaller payout with 5k deposit also.
  10. What does this mean? Is it $1 per trade, per ticket , per execution, per fill ??? There are differences and $1 per trade is a misleading statement.

    The other question is are your ECN fees and liquidity rebates marked up or down? If so it is important to know that as well in order to make apples to apples comparisons.
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