Prop firms can short any stock

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by sdbywf, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. sdbywf


    I am an active trader for 5 years with my own daytrading accounts at Tradestation, Interactive brokers, MB trading, and Ameritrade. Play with two directions, buy and short. Very profitable. :D

    Beginning from this year, it becomes harder and harder to get chance to short stock at the retail brokers. :mad:

    I am now looking to switch to Prop firms that can provide me chance to short any stocks I want. I don't care high cost as long as the prop firms can locate hard shorts for me. :cool:

    Do anyone know if there are such prop firms existed?
    Thank you for your advice! :)
  2. Go with someone who clears thru one of the bigger houses. SLK ( Goldman Sachs) has always had a good stock loan department, so find someone who clears thru them. But . with the new rules regarding shorts, it has been increasingly difficult to do so this year.

    Trade futures;its easier ,ande the NFA promotes participation by the public,as opposed to the SEC. I will now step down from my soapbox...
  3. lescor


    Assent has been pretty good at locating stock for me, but at outrageous prices.

    How about 5-10 cents/share for a stock with a 10 cent daily range? Or 30 cents/share for a larger cap stock. Oh and that's just to release it to your account, if you don't execute a trade, you still get billed.
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    why is it outrageous if most people cannot borrow it all?