Prop firms around Los Angeles / OC / CA?

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  1. I searched this forum and found only a few leads, I wanted to see if you guys know of any good ones in the LA metro or San Diego area,
    thanks in advance.
  2. We've paralleled most firms in that we see very little need for brick and mortar locations. Preferring to have a solid online network for traders, with one click access to management for assistance when needed. Online mentoring groups etc. Our friends at the 2 or 3 other firms seem to have done the same, the wave of the future I guess.


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    shill much?
  4. I'd like to hear how exactly I'm a shill when I don't even recommend this firm in my other posts. do a simple search and this is what you come up with.
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    "II should know that given I trade with WTS."

    JC and CTG - both affiliated groups of WTS

    CTG (again) - affiliated group of WTS

    CTG (again)

    JC - affiliated group with WTS

    WTS, JC, CTG

    WTS, JC, CTG

    And let's not get started on your previous banned sock puppet, EvOTrader (version 1) that was banned because of your constant pimping of this firm and their groups, particularly that apartment firm.

    Your constant inclusion of these groups in your postings are your way of pimping this firm and trying to circumvent the mods rules.
  6. I'm not Ron, nor do I even know him and if you took the time to point out all the other groups I have recommended other firms maybe 5x as much.

    You need to stop crying just because you wouldn't trade with one firm, does not mean that the group is not a good firm to trade with.

    WTS happens to be one of the largest firms on the street, which is why they are discussed openly. Now let's see how many times I've recommend the other firms that have been around a while such as Bright Trading, EchoTrade, and others.

    all of these are instances in which I have recommended other firms/programs. It's ridiculous to say just because someone trades somewhere or because a question is answered truthfully, that it means someone is a shill. It's this type of accusatory nonsense that discredits good advice. I only make recommendations off my experience in the industry. I always receive PMs thanking me for the advice, so 1 opinion thats different than my own does not bother me. I get enough gratification out of the users of the site who are grateful for it. I'l put up a poll to guage what the actual users of the site believe. That's far more accurate than just one user.

    one person's opinion is just one person's opinion. Banning me is not going to stop discussions about WTS or any of their affiliates. They make up a very big part of the market and this is why they are spoken about often. It just so happens to be they have an office where the OP is located. Whether you personally like them or not does not negate the fact that this is one of the few prop firms in the area.
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    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    Dude (or dudette, not sure now) I got nothing against WTS (hell, I don't even trade the same asset class), but if you want to pimp the firm, PAY THE MAN FOR A FRIGGIN' AD and help support the site. Look at the left side of this forum. See all the open slots for advertisers? Pick one, any one, and you are free to be you. That's my gripe.

    You claim "WTS is the largest prop firm in the country with Bright probably coming in second", well then what's a few bucks to help support Elite Trader? Seriously, speak to your masters and have them pay a few bucks if you want to promote your firm. And before you make the claim that JC is already an advertiser, they have been advertisers long before they joined up with WTS and rarely do you see posts by either Jeff or Chris here except to correct false claims. They don't shill for WTS. And neither should you unless you are willing to pay for that privilege. Your last sock puppet got banned for doing the same thing with your apartment-based trading group.

    Do the right thing, man up and buy an ad.

    As to your other topic and poll, what degrades the content of ET is dumb-shit polls like that.

    And shills.
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  9. I don't know who you think I am or what I have to gain from stating facts, but i stand to gain nothing off directing traders. It happens to be the reason WTS is recommended so much is because they have lowest fees and deposit amounts. Most of the threads I commented on mention WTS way before I ever do. I do not once recall even suggesting someone call up WTS because I know groups that are registered with them like JC or CTG provide better customer service. These companies run their own business, they may register and clear with WTS, but suggesting JC is not the same thing as shilling for WTS, let's get that straight.

    On the other hand, It's a ridiculous notion to suggest that only if a firm is paying to be a sponsor others should suggest them. That's the type of attitude that gives a bad name to this entire industry.

    I get tons of PM thanking me for the advice because I'm not a "shill" and if you did more than just copy and paste from the search like read through the posts, you would realize my posts are generally of the more knowledgeable.

    Go ahead and tell them to ban me. Only the users of the site suffer. The mods of the site should be happy with the sponsors they do have, who are well-received generally speaking but you can't just go out and say well these firms don't advertise so we have to stop others from suggesting them.

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