Prop Firms and Penson

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  1. Any Prop firms/jbo's clear penson?
  2. Many do as Penson has a very low clearance rate. The one JBO I know best in VTraderPro and they clear ML and Goldman also.

    Why do you prefer Penson best?
  3. Penson has the best locates, I can always find stuff there that I cant at Merril Pro and Goldman. But they have a funny way of doing margin at penson, so PM accounts get eaten up quick. If you know any other could you list or PM them. Thanks
  4. MGB


    Pensen has the best locates?

    I don't even understand what that means... Locates???
  5. Stock loan - locates - short selling
  6. I think they all are using tobacco's firm ...they are expensive though...couple pennies a share plus interest!
  7. Huh?
  8. jumper


    He's referring to John Tobacco of And, they are expensive.

  9. Well if they clear penson, there would be no need to use
  10. jumper


    Why not? I don't think Penson is that good.
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