Prop Firms And Credibility And Blogs?

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  1. So I have met with a hand full of NY props and many of them seem to have the same things in common.

    My question is why do their company blogs look absolutely horrible!?!

    Honestly, I feel that is the only true way for me to judge their trading skills since they can lie about everything else.

    Does anyone have a list of the NY prop firms and links to company blogs?

  2. The ones that I've visited thus:



    Next Level Trading:

    EchoTrade: none!

    Avatar Trading: none!

    Equity Trading Academy: none!

    Assent: none!

    I'm fairly new to trading but not to business. I worked in the advertising industry for 15 years and have always felt that quality service firms which cater to retail customers should present their products and service capability via a corporate blog.

    Anyone care to comment on these firms. Out out these firms, holistically speaking, there was only 1 that really convinced me that they know what they're talking about and want to see me progress my trading career.

  3. FYI...Professional, licensed firms are somewhat limited when it comes to "advertising" as compared to retail firms.

    We, of course, have all of our traders conneced live every day, to their mentor/manager/team etc.

    I do what I can here. I try to personally respond to all inquiries and phone calls. A bit harder to do these days with the mass migration from Wall Street (analysts, brokers, traders, the whole group it seems).


  4. Yea, whatever you say Don...Sure they are, all the analysts and sales traders and traders coming in herds., so they can day trade stocks...good luck.
  5. Don,

    I don't doubt your firm reputation and training ability.

    For me, the security deposit was a bit too high for my budget ($25K I believe?).

    What really impressed was the quality of one the the prop firm blogs I listed in my original post. I won't say which one since there's no reason for me to mention it BUT I think it's pretty obvious after you click on each of the 3 blogs.

    I agree with your statement re: advert and trading firms but I have to admit that a prop firm with a blog with a track record of good spot-on analysis really adds to their credbility.

    Good Luck.
  6. Don i've not seen you comment on a possible .25% transaction tax in the future. obviously every prop firm will close overnight
  7. I'm pretty sure they will exempt market makers, and exchange member firms and licensed traders...or else the exchanges will shut down overnight. Their target, as my people tell it, are the hedge funds and others trading OPM.

    Regarding the Wall Street layoffs, it's been pretty dramatic, and many would rather trader than go without a job. My point was simply that over the last few months our numbers have gone up significantly from Wall Street lay offs vs. the general trading public. Many are already licensed which makes the transition easier of course.

    All the best,

  8. Speaking of online presence, I would like to take the opportunity to encourage Bright Trading to do a site redesign using a professional design firm.

    I wholeheartedly believe that your website is holding you folks back.
  9. maxalpha


    I agree. Bright Trading has a turnkey $100 website. For a firm making millions of dollars a year you'd think they could spend 5K on a decent website redesign. They don't understand that this investment will pay itself a hundredfold in new business. That's internet marketing 101.

    Welcome to the 21st century, Bright Trading! Now get your act together and try to look professional!:p
  10. Wow,
    That website is circa 1999. You guys build that yourself? Where is the little animated dancing keyboard? You guys are better than that so you really should upgrade your image to reflect 2009.
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