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    i dont hink the other link came out.
    do prop firms let you swingtrade or only daytrade?

  2. Our traders do all sorts of short term trading....holding things like pairs for weeks sometimes.

  3. Darn... Don was to quick on the fingers......LOL

    Redwood Trading also has a few "prop" swingtraders, but to be fair and honest with you MOST of our traders in the prop account are hard core news traders, or very large momo's and scaplers and YES we even have some very large "pairs' traders.....most of the guys who swing-trade ALSO day-trade (larger than most) also......every office is different in terms of trader types and room 'atmosphere' for instance our Las Vegas office generally services the "newer' trader as that is where we have an in house trainer/mentor Rich Kenny, he recently gave a live chat here on ET feel free to puruse his presentation on the archives, that doesn't mean we do not have some excellant, professional traders in Las Vegas (we do) but it just shows that some offices are more willing to take on different traders.

    Hope that helps, pm me if you want more information.

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  4. What is the min. opening balance for most prop firms? Would it be possible to go remote with 5k? What kind of fees are involved?