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  1. In todays market, which prop firm offers the best deal/software, rates out just for intra day trading of stocks. I have checked previous post and come up with Genesis, Echo, Bright, Carlin. Rates would be in regards to volume of about 500-800k a month. Most previous post about the best prop firm has been a while ago and I am trying to see if things have changed in recent past. Also if someone is getting good deal for intraday trading at one firm and for overnights at other firm, can he be registered with two different firms at the same time.
  2. I know Echo will not let you have dual registration so that is something to consider on the issue of joining two different prop shops where both require the 7. Others may have the same policy although it is case by case with each firm.
  3. Just FYI, we do allow dual registrations.

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    Do you know other firms which allow dual registrations. Obviously if Bright is the only firm allowing dual registration while others dont allow it, then it doesnt make sense. By the way does BT allow retail tradning without actually registering.
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    Generic trading of philadelphia / Carlin has very good software and reliability. Rates are low enough to not be issue.
  6. I would suggest that you ask whichever firm you're associated all depends on current management, etc. We don't "fear" allowing dual registrations, some firms do. Except for very special Prime Broker arrangements, I don't see any major reason for doing so, but we allow it. We have the ability to allow traders to trade while they study for the S7 exam (90 days only). We have the ability to have larger groups as well.