Prop. firm with excellent ''Shortable Stocks'' list.

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  1. saico


    Hi everyone,

    my trading is almost purely based on shorting Nasdaq equities. Lately I'm running more and more into issues with stocks that are not available on IB's list, which costs me a decent amount of money. Is anyone aware of a broker who has a better solution here? Maybe even a reliable and trustworthy proprietary firm.

    Much thanks in advance!

  2. 1245


    PM me a list of stocks you are having issues with. Maybe 10 or less and I can check another prime broker. Do you just need a locate for daytrading or do you hold overnight?
  3. promagma


    WTS (prop or retail) has the best short list I've seen. And if it's not on the list, you can locate manually, or automatically via the API. I've been able to locate almost anything, but for some symbols there is a fee.
  4. saico


    Does WTS has a retail arm?
  5. promagma


    Yes, it's brand new, called World-Xecution strategies. PM me if you need a contact.
  6. Yes so new and already under FINRA investigation, lol. Nice ethical and client oriented firm you recommend here, you crook!!!

    it gets even better: Daniel Duffy, World-Xecution's COO, a current employee with said firm has an inactive (could be revoked, expired, or so) SEC registration. Generally every employee who is in touch with securities trading at any registered broker in the US (hence most likely any COO of licensed brokers is supposed to be SEC registered). Another red flag: Guess where said COO worked before? Yes, Bernard Madoff Investment Securities. Wow, sounds like a reputable firm I would even recommend to my grandma.

    Guys, please DO SOME BASIC RESEARCH before you fall for this crap!!!

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  7. You want to know who Timmy Syke's uses to locate the most difficult stocks to borrow? Their not the cheapest Brokerage nor is it cheap to borrow stocks he Shorts.

    Sorry, you said Prop Shop, SureTrade is retail, please forgive my post.
  8. Most of the stocks IB cant get are not going to be available elsewhere either unless they cheat, jut my opinion.

  9. Sykes, he doesn't need to short anything for years, as he sells he DVD's he pays 3 cents to produce to suckers for $300.