Prop Firm will not pay my deposit & profits

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  1. So I'm trying at firm ___________________ and requested a payout.

    Without going into details, it's not like I have been officially NOT PAID, but you know when someone is bull$hitting you, and that sense is very strong.

    So assume they don't pay, what are my options?

    - not releasing the name of the company as it hasn't been that long since I requested the payout
  2. * not a registered firm
  3. Roark


    Take pictures of everyone, the building, their cars, make sure the plates are visible and start a blog. Post everything about how the place sucks until they pay.
  4. good luck trading anywhere else after that.
  5. Firms like a Charles Schwab should get into the prop business and offer the same type of leverage.I have to believe there is big demand out there for traders sick and tired of dealing with the low life scum that run most of the existing prop firms.
  6. timcar


    Firms like Schwab do not want to extend that much leverage to customers they do not know.
  7. did you get it back
  8. What will they not pay you? Your original investment as a B partner in a prop firm has a 365 day lock up period. After that, profits are paid when your contract permits. That's one of many reasons why I don't like the JBO/prop model. If you have the assets for a customer portfolio margin account, you can make your own terms and still get good rates and good leverage.

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    prop B members with 365 days lock!?!?!?
    wow. who does that still?
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    Not my clients. My clients are all Customer Portfolio Margin accounts.
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