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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by karsat, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. karsat


    Hi Guys,
    Can you let me know of any prop firms to trade options?
    Thanks in advance
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    Looking for similar information as well. Anyone?
  3. Give me a PM. I might have a suggestion.
  4. Thks! PM sent!
  5. doesnt echo allow trading options?
  6. I spoke to Echo and they wanted a minimum $75k down to trade options with a risk-based haircut. They seemed skittish, which is usually a sign that they don't understand derivatives well, even though they are affiliated with PAX.

    Zone is also set-up for trading options (a JBO w/ GS), but they are true prop and I don't think that they really understand options well enough to fully back options traders, <b>yet</b>....

    VTrader seems to be one of the few firms (that readily accepts traders) that actually understand options. You still have to put up capital, but I'm sure the amt is negotiable and they give you risk-based margin.

    The problem, generally, is that most prop firms are equity based and don't understand other markets. Someday, there will be a plethora of prop firms that let you trade stocks, options, and futs from one account and one platform. All it takes is a B/D and a JBO with a big clearing firm....and a risk manager that is a little brighter than your average monkey.

    If there are other firms, please fire away.