Prop firm that uses Interactive Brokers?

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    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a prop firm that uses IB for its platform?

  2. why not just open an account and use IB directly?


    I do have an account w/ them already, but looking for a second account w/ more day trading leverage.
  4. Alexis


    not that I know of, but some very small asset manager I know do
  5. i just asked them about them doing it yesterday, maybe with just 10X leverage (instead of the 20+) to get the benefit of lloyd's insurance, etc. and they said they couldn't do it.
    one of their guys said that some props are clearing through IB (no names mentioned) but he said the fees are higher than IB AND you have no recourse if those "props" go under, i.e.your money is gone.
    there is also the portfolio margin account, where, when hedged, i have had up to 6X leverage.


    Thanks for the info, I was looking for one of the props that clear through them. I had something similar w/ a prop firm that used Genesis, and was just wondering if I could find any that use IB. No luck so far...
  7. with desk fees, software fees, exchange fees, commissions and pay out you may not see any benefit from it...

    keep trading your own money... you may be better off at this point.