Prop Firm that offers Good Training for Rookies.

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by tradesum, Nov 12, 2007.

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    I am a rookie that has been trading on my own previously. I am looking to trade for a prop firm that offers real training I can use. If anyone can give some suggestions, it would help. I have heard mixed reviews on Bright Trading $1000.00 course, though I have no experience or opinion on Bright Trading. Bright Trading seem to be a very nice company from my initial experience. Can anyone give a little insight to a humble rookie? Thanks
  2. Most money up firms offer zero training. You may be lucky to sit next to someone who is willing to mentor you. If I were you, I'd offer someone 20% of your net profits to teach you some things for half a year.

    Nobody trains anymore because nothing's for free in this market.

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    Thanks for the response. I will continue searching hopefully something will come along.
  4. Try First New York Secuirites if you can get in. They have a good training program. Most money up's don't.

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    Thanks TTF. I have been studying a working on the craft for a while. I am ready, I just do not know where to really start. The horror stories on this site are discouraging at best.
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    If you could let me know where is it that your are located i might be able to direct you to some good firms i know
    if you can elaborate a bit more on your trading experience that would help me direct you to the right place
    are you looking to work remotely or in an office environment

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    What about Swift Trade?