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    What are some trading strategies used at prop firms?
  2. I would imagine that most firms would use multiple strategies, as we do. Everything from being a "surrogate specialist/MM" to trading the opening gaps. Of course we like market neurtral "stuff" like correlated pairs. We all have to use the basics of Momentum, Relative Strength, etc. for entry and exit points.

    We all really need to learn all the "basics" of "basic strategy."

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    Did you learn this in school? What class macro economics or micro?
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    Yea lol!!!! Do you have any idea who that is?
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    Yea. His name is Don.
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    Yea guess I didnt catch the sarcasm in your question ;)
  7. All fun aside (but enjoyed)... I have to say we can "help" -but in all seriousness, it takes a lot of "time in the saddle" - trading, watching, listening. and learning.


  8. Nobody wants to hear that, Don. Especially new guys. You should know that.
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    No, not Don. "The" Don.
  10. basically people try to buy high and sell higher
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