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    thread about all the crazy/wacky characters you may or have seen at a prop office. hah. i will start it off...

    Wierdo with the dog:
    Crazy looking, crazy hair, serial killer looks, brings his little dog into the office

    Swear guy:
    Every 2minutes this character can be heard yelling at the specialist which just personally screwed him over once again.
  2. 90% of traders at my office are swear guys. They would swear in different languages: english, french, italian and chinese. Sometime, they are all on the same side doing the same stock and got screwed all together, all the swears go off at the same time giving a better signal than the squawk box, lol.
  3. jtnet


    i trade the anime futures contracts:
    Every time i walk by this guy he is always watching streaming anime cartoons without fail. i wonder if he gets his trading ideas from it, whatever works i guess. ill take 100 pokemon's short please.
  4. ak15


    All these posts are really funny. At the very least they make you laugh and make perfect sense compared to the run of the mill garbage and worse that is posted on ET.:) :p :mad:
  5. jtnet


    action figure larry:
    decorates his entire trading space with his action figures and GI joes from his child hood, totally annoying, total deuche chills.
  6. I meet this guy once... he used to trade in the Amex floor {he´s running a sportsbook now, how´s that for a fckup} the guy will always carry at least three pair of glasses on himself, one on top of his head, one on his face and one in his shirt pocket... what a crazy fck...

  7. 1 name "Walter Scott Bruan" any questions?
  8. I remember Walter running around the NYC Traders Expo a few years ago....screaming at the top of his lungs (couldn't even tell what he was sayin)....many seemed to think this was "normal" behaviour for Walter....I couldn't help but crack up.

    All you "swearing" must sign off that you will always work in a "businesslike' manner over here with us....Maybe that's why everyone wants to trade from home these days, LOL.

    Strangest thing I see is two of my nieces (across the room), both pregnant at the same time, LOL. We have a never ending stream of babies, teens, cousins, and all the rest wandering through here everday.....maybe the best part of having a family business.

    Don :cool:
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    yeah that was walter alright ....but i think the reason he would yell was because the comissions back then was 8 dollar tickets and 2 cents per share.....and he was doing almost 3 to 4 percent of the total nyse the math........i would yell and scream too not to mention dance and sing.......m
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    That is how Walter communicated. Say what you want about him Don, but he recruited straight from Harvard and our floor was full of nothing but Ivy League guys. The guy was charismatic.
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