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Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by onava, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. onava



    I was wondering how can you protect you models in a prop firm when the firm has no security software on the pc's ( except a firewall)

    anyone know how ?
  2. LeeD


    It's not security software you need. Various "Internet Security" protects against computer viruses, malicious Web-pages etc. These are the easiest to combat. Have a separate computer for Web-browsing, E-mail etc. The trading computer should only have essencial trading software installed and be used only for trading.

    The real danger is someone might just copy all your know-how when you have forgotten to "lock" your PC when leaving the office in the evening.

    1) Have a difficult to guess password and change it often
    2) Lock your PC whenever you are not at the desk
    3) In case you forget to lock the PC, configure screen-saver to start after a few minutes of inactivity and make sure a password is required to stop screen-saver.
    4) Don't leave the computer turned off when you are not there (unless you are on a long holiday). Alwasy log on and lock the computer. This way if you see you are not logged on this means someone tempered with the PC.
    4) Search for "security checklist" and your version of Windows on google. There are a few good ones around. At the very minimum the list should explain how to disable auto-run, simple file-sharing, remote desktop (unless you actually use it), default administrative shares, unnecessary services.
    5) Remember files and folders can be encrypted using Encrypting File System (EFS)

    Also there is always an option to keep your know-how on a USB stick or even a laptop and take it with you whenver you leave your desk. Naturally, this raises a whole new array of issues as "borrowing" a small portable device is way easier than a desktop. Also a USB stick is easy to misplace accidentally. So, you need to back up often. Having all no-how on a portable device that you (and not the company) owns has the advantage that no one will have an opportunity to browse your files after you change the job.