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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by J1Tgt, Jan 24, 2007.

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    Deciding on a prop firm to remote trade, through my own research. Located in southwest Florida not much of a selection. Hoping someone has any thought about which prop firm to join. Fully licensed and willing to initially contribute 0 -5,000 to open account. Any input on best fees and systems would highly appreciated. Great trading to you.
  2. We are in Miami Beach, but I doubt if my affiliates would let you in with $5,000 - generally $15,000 or so is fair amount to run a stock trading business. If you can muster the $15K (you get paid interest anyway, no "lock down" - no risk)...then let me know via PM.

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    Hey Don. Thanks for the reply. I was offered a remote trading position with Hold. And they asked for 2500 to initially contribute.
    I have been trained at Schonfeld and looking to continue, but putting up anything more then 2500-5000 does not make sense for me to start. I plan on trading 100 share lots at first and build back up slowly.