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  1. Hello,
    I have been wanting to trade with a prop firm. I have searched this forums all the way back to 2008. I have found some information useful but i still have a few more questions. Please help me find a good prop firm. Any suggestions?
    Preferred minimum deposit - $3500
    Maximum deposit - $5000
    Low commissions
    Low monthly fees (if any)
    Free software
    Decent leverage

    Throughout my search i have found these prop firms:

    CY Group ( i seem to be liking them the best, any inputs?)

    Integra Capital

    First North American trading group
    -Fees : 0.0002/share
    Exclude ECN fees and rebate
    Exclude SEC fees and Exchanges Fees
    _X_ Plateform fees : 250 / month
    __ NASDAQ : 11 /month
    __ NYSE : 1 / month
    __ AMEX : 1 / month
    __ ARCA book : 10 / month
    __ Totalview : 27 / month (include NASDAQ)
    __ BATS book : 5 / month
    __ EDGE book : 5 / month
    __ NYSE BOOK: 16 /month
    Capital Contribution against any losse : 5000 USD
    Payout: 70%

    PTG Securities
    -PTG: Trader Package
    -Sterling Trader PRO: $220 + Market Data Fees
    -Payout Structure: 99%
    -Minimum Capital: $5,000

    Worldwide Trading Capital
    -Minimum capital $5000
    -100% payout
    Can someone please make a suggestion from the above list or if anyone knows a better prop firm, your help is extremely appreciated.

    I look forward to some good replies.
    Thank you
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    Since you are looking at PTG, they are a CBSX firm which means you'd have to file a U4, take a look at JC Trading (good rep on the board and in the community) and (based on another post I assume you are NYC based) Avatar Securities. Both are CBSX. Avatar's trading floor is located on 24th St so you could trade there or just check them out. You are going to find very little opportunities for less than 5k, altho I believe WTS (do a search) has an option for only 1500.
  3. Thanks, well it doesn't matter where the prop firm is located. I would like to do it remotely.
  4. Gcapman


    As a newbie, you might want some in-office time to learn the ropes
  5. That's a good suggestion but i'm still going to school and live in Maryland. Nothing around here. I will be fine though, i've had some intense trading with smaller capital. Being able to end a position at any time will help me.

    Anyone has any experience with Dimension trading?

  6. If you are in EAST COAST you can check the following firms:( Call them and find out for yourself)

    T3 ( I think they do not take capital/ Just a training Fee )

    SMB ( Training fee applied to your max loss)

    Star Alliance capital ( They trade with dimension/ Capital required/ no Series 7) ( CBSX FIRM / TRAINNING FEE AND CAPITAL REQUIRED)

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    Canadian firms

  8. Avatar ! no way

    i heard they have one of the worst trading floor , very bad internet connection and the software crashes all the time
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    Well first I would like to congratulate you for pursuing to trade professionally with a prop firm because it is a very good learning experience. Second at my first shot at prop trading I was trading with 5k account and let me tell you it is almost impossible to make a living or even maket pocket change with a 5k capital contribution. The costs involved with trading can buzz through a 5k account very quickly even if you are profitable or breakeven. If you don't mind burning through 5k for the learning experience go for it. I think most traders well spend 30k or much more in many cases for training, learning losses, and the tools that you will need to be successful. I don't want to be negative but that is the reality of professional trading.

    Send me a private message and I will be glad to give you more details.
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    That is one great list of snake oil salesmen you got there, you must really hate this guy
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